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Incident Reconstruction

Using scientific method and the application of engineering principles our engineers and scientists perform biomechanical incident reconstruction and investigate collision and non-collision incidents. The injuries, design of the apparatus on which injury occurred, and environmental factors are all taken into consideration.

accident-reconstructionGTD Engineering has expertise in evaluating incidents and their associated injuries. Engineering mechanics and biomechanics can be used to reconstruct the incident which is useful in un-witnessed events or in cases that involve conflicts of witness testimony.

Incident reconstruction uses similar tools as other reconstruction techniques. However, with biomechanical expertise we add sources of information such as medical records and medical imaging films. While mechanical engineers analyze event dynamics, medical proffessionals diagnose and treat injuries, biomechanical engineers determine the forces, torques, and injury mechanisms that created the injuries.

In order to continue to expand our expertise, GTD Engineering’s engineers and scientists are also active in the research community and have published numerous peer-reviewed articles. Please see our publications page for a sample of our publications.

Common Investigations

  • Vehicle-Pedestrian accidents
  • Occupant kinematics
  • Root-Cause analysis
  • Vehicle accidents
    • Pre-crash speed, time and distance
    • Collision severity and resulting injuries
  • Falls and diving injuries
  • Protective or safety equipment investigations
  • Sport and sports equipment related incidents
  • Mechanical equipment incidents or events

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