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Injury Biomechanics

biometricsGTD Engineering has expertise in injury/impact biomechanics and human kinematics (event motion). Our personnel use medical records, diagnostic images, scientific literature, data collected, and mathematical dynamic modeling software (MADYMO) to quantitatively understand how traumatic injuries occur. Our ability to perform accident reconstruction together with biomechanical assessments ensures a dependable and comprehensive understanding of the event and resulting injuries.

We can assess product design features and their effect on an event and biomechanically evaluate changes in product design, including alternative products, and use. Product information and the environment are used to obtain a comprehensive answer. Investigative results can answer questions about misuse, non-use, or failure of product components, including safety features.

Common Investigations

  • Cause of Injury
  • Injury Mechanism
  • Biomechanical Accident Reconstruction
  • Occupant Kinematics
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Pedestrian Impacts
  • Protective Equipment Effectiveness + Failure
  • Falls + Diving Accidents
  • Sport Related Injury
  • Recreational Activity Injury/Accident

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